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#Name @URL Favourite character
1Hoelli @ www Dulce Maria
2Ola @ www
21Monika @ www Dulce Maria, Cecillia, Luciano
25Moinka @ www Dulce Maria
26Antonina @ www Dulce Maria
28Asia @ www Dulce Maria, Fortunata
30Sylwia @ www Dulce Maria
31Natasha @ www Cecilia, Estefania, Dulce Maria
32Sabina @ www Dulce Maria
33Kasia @ www
34Karolqa @ www Noe Gamboa, Dulce Maria
38Daniela @ www Dulce Maria, Cecilia
41Magda @ www Dulce Maria
45Anka @ www
46Marlena @ www Fortunata, Dulce Maria

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