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We have a total of 60 members from 21 countries.

Sorted by country: Poland

#Name @URL Favourite character
1Hoelli @ www
6Ania @ www Ivo, Milagros
7Ana @ www Ivo, Milagros
11Paulina @ www Milagros
18Paulina @ www Florencia, Victoria, Lina
21Mirka @ www ivo
26Paulina @ www Milagros, Ivo
29Katharsis @ www Lina, Ivo
30Lifein @ www
33Asia @ www Pablo
34Anna @ www Milagros
35Angik @ www Ivo, Lina
53Paulina @ www Milagros, Ivo, Angelica
54Olka @ www Ivo
55Renia @ www Milagros, Ivo

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